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  • posted Is there going to be discount on product ?
    • Nikki Hey [224605,Tanaisa]! Unfortunately, we aren't notified in advance when there will be any specials released, but we post coupons to our Facebook and Instagram pages from time to time :) You can follow us on social media to stay up to date with the latest coupon codes!

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  • posted hello there.. been using all 3 gb for 2 months, haven't seen any changes really, haven't gained any inches in my hips or bum. only when i do exercise do i gain muscle but the weight and definition never stays if i stop exercising.
    there are a lot of guarantees about this product which is why i bought it. however, eating right and exercising can make you toned without gb.. i am wondering if anyone is seeing something they wouldn't have seen without gb? does it really add inches if you continue using it?
    • Nikki Hey [225763,jay jay]! I know you are looking to hear from other customers, so I wanted to direct you to some of our customers who have YouTube channels and have been posting updates on their butt enhancement progress while using Gluteboost :) I shared a link with you below that I thought you would like! Also, please don't be discouraged if the products take a little bit of time to produce really noticeable results. You can enhance up to 40% larger with Gluteboost products, they just need time to work since they are 100% all natural. Let me know if you ever have any other questions along the way! You can always email me at
    • jay jay yeh its all good.. what do you think the latest is of people seeing results?
    • Nikki Most customers are seeing results between the 2nd to 3rd month of using the products consistently. However, we have seen that adding glute-targeted exercises and extra healthy fats to your diet are helping you get better and faster results.
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  • posted Haven't been on here for sometime but. Off and on I've bee using gluteboost for some years. What I notice is when I stop for awhile I keep my but. It don't go away!! Now that's amazing. Other products stop working once you stop for awhile. But not gluteboost!! I'll always be a customeršŸ˜
  • posted I'm not a very big "work out" type of person but I'm seeing people getting faster results. So, I am willing to give it a shot. What my question to you ladies is, how many sets /reps would I have to do get faster results? I just started RETAKING gb on the 4th so I'm fairly new.
    • Nikki If you still need any assistance with your workouts, we recommend that you work your glutes about 3 days a week. It's best to take at least a 1 day break between each workout to give your muscle time to repair before using them again.

      During each workout, you want to do as many reps as you possibly can until your body is too tired to continue. Make sure to count your reps so you can track your progress. This will be a different number for each person. Then each time you workout, try to add 10 more reps or add weights to your exercises for an extra push! I hope this information is helpful :) But let me know if you have any questions.
  • posted 3Rd month on gb
  • posted 1St month of gb
  • posted have a question? Does the red and black bottle of gb give you faster results than the blue white bottle of gb
    • Nikki Hey [224087,Tye] :) So the red and black bottle is our XXL Weight Gainer Pill. These work in a completely different way than the Gluteboost Pills in the blue and white bottle. Our XXL Weight Gainer pills help you gain pounds on your FULL body (all over). While the Gluteboost Pills only help you enhance the size of your butt and hips. YES you can take them both together to gain weight all over AND focus on enhancing your butt and hips.
  • posted Been using gluteboost pills and cream for 3 months now going on my 4th month and loving it and cant wait to get to my 6th month results