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  • posted Altogether I've been on GB for 9 months
  • posted Still on GB but off and on. Results are still showing :)
  • posted Does the Gb pills really trim fat off the waistline??!
    • Nikki Hey [230228,Dovelove]! Welcome to Bootifly :) Our Gluteboost Pills do not burn fat by any means, however they do contain a TON of really healthy antioxidants. These help flush out all the bad toxins from your body that build up over the years. While this does not burn fat on your stomach, lots of customers tell us that this helps flatten your stomach through reduced bloating and water weight.
    • JitMoney Yes I lost 1/2 each in 2 weeks!! Your muffin top will get smaller and smaller!
  • posted for the booty boost kit ( Gb pills, gb cream, meca) how should these be taken ? i see people take the pills in the morning, but i wasn't to sure if you take one of each pill in the morning along with applying the cream

    • Nikki Hi love :) What we recommend is that you take the Gluteboost Pills and Maca Stack Pills at the same time in the morning with your breakfast. Then you just apply the Gluteboost Cream twice a day. It's best if you can remember to apply the cream every 12 hours, such as at 9am and 9pm every day.
  • posted Is there any discount right now 😢?
    • Nikki Hey [202590,Tyra]! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to catch our promotions and specials :) Our Social Media Team posts coupons from time to time!
  • posted Hi guys, so it's been a while since I been on here. I don't know if it's magic, but I have gained 5 inches with gluteboost. I started at 40 now I'm 45. Actually now at 45.6 inches. Lol. My goal is 48 inches lol yes! My goal is 48 inches, am I greedy??? Lol. It's been 5 months now though. I started April 29th and today is September 29th I will post before and after pictures when I achieve my goal. I did squats. I'll be real honest. I used only gluteboost cream and gluteboost pills. I didn't do Maca stacks. My only fear now is, is this result going to be permanent??? Because right now everybody around me has noticed and it will be super awkward if my butt dissappears😒😒
    • Nikki Welcome back to Bootifly [212018,vee] And thank you for updating us! :) One of the best things about your Gluteboost results is that they are permanent! Since Gluteboost helps you gain and grow your REAL fat cells, your results are just as hard to lose as any other fat on your body.
  • posted Do you guys see a difference with my butt ??
  • posted September 21 do you guys see a change be honest !!!
    • Nikki Welcome to Bootifly [228831,Skiddle] <3 I'm excited to see that you are taking your before and after photos. Just a couple of weeks usually isn't quite enough time to really see a noticeable difference yet. Your body should still be absorbing the ingredients at this time and making adjustments to start producing noticeable results in more of a 4-12 weeks time frame :)

      To boost your results faster, you can add extra protein and healthy fats to your diet! Plus glute-targeted exercises like squats and lunges.
    • Skiddle Do you see any difference so far ?
    • Nikki When you look at the photos side by side like this, you can actually see a little difference already! Being that you have only use the products a couple of weeks, this is a really good sign :) The photo on the right is your after photo and you can tell the rounded part of your butt sticks out more than in the first photo. It would look even bigger if you were standing completely sideways, the same way you were standing in the photo on the left. I'm excited to see your progress girl!
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  • posted Sept 15
  • posted If I ordered through the auto dose that mean my card is going to automatically get charged for next month?
    • Nikki Yes, our monthly subscription gives you a 10% off discount on all your products and we will automatically charge and ship your next package each month. It's super flexible, so you can change your package or your payment date at any time for free.
    • JitMoney My card declined how can I reorder for auto how do I reorder? [156816,Nikki]
  • posted Just a little update!
    I've been taking the booty boost kit about 3 weeks now. I saw results like the second day!! I was soo impressed and super excited. It wasn't anything super crazy but enough for me to notice. Anyway its been 3 weeks now and my butt feels a little fuller around the edges. The GB pills and Maca pills also give me energy and don't put on weight!! And are helping my body trim my muffin top. I'm loving the results I actually haven't worked out at all either which I was like wow caused I only worked out maybe 4 times out of those 3 weeks. (I'm a server so I walk about 10,000 steps a shift at least that's what my Fitbit says). So now I can't wait for start targeting my glutes in my work outs to see even more results!
    • Nikki Hey girl thanks so much for the update!! I'm sure all the walking helps build up your booty too, even without extra exercise. I'm so glad to hear you are getting results so quickly! Can't wait to see before and after photos.
    • JitMoney [156816,Nikki] I did the review on Amazon where can I send it for the free GB pills? [156816,Nikki]
      It's under Judy [156816,Nikki] I'm getting ready to purchase more cream and Maca [156816,Nikki]
    • Nikki Thanks for posting your review! Our current promotion is for a free bottle of our Garcinia Cambogia weight loss pills in exchange for your review. You may receive Maca Stack pills instead of the Garcinia Cambogia if you would like, but I am not able to send Gluteboost. Email me for more information and include a copy of your review :) My email is
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  • posted i just purchased my gluteboost yesterday but i haven't received a tracking number yet
    please help
    • Nikki Hello Nicole! I just checked your order and you package was shipped on September 16th. The tracking shows that your package is being delivered today! :)
  • posted So I've been on GB (pill & cream) for a week now. Havent seen any changes yet but im looking forward to the future and hopefully I'll be getting good results. 😊
    • Nikki Hello [226607,Shay Robinson]! Welcome to our Gluteboost team :) It's perfectly normal to start seeing a real difference between 4-12 weeks of using the products. If you have time to do butt exercises, that helps you see much faster results! We have examples of recommended workouts on our YouTube channel below
  • posted Just received my package I got both pills GB, Maca and the cream. But I was reading that the Maca puts on weight? And I'm not really trying to put on that much weight. [156816,Nikki]
    • Nikki The package that your ordered is called our Booty Boost Kit! :) It's our most popular package since it has all 3 of our butt enhancement supplements in it. The reason that it includes Maca Stack is to give you an extra dosage of 100% pure raw maca root with your Gluteboost Pills. Maca root powder is known to help increase muscle growth and recovery, especially in the areas where you work out. So unless you are doing some crazy weight lifting routine, adding the Maca Stack pills will not cause you to gain in any other areas than your butt.

      Remember to squat <3
    • JitMoney Oh okay how great! I started today super excited to post results!
  • posted Hey, I wanted to know can some one give me feed back on the product GB, I'm ordering my first 30 day package tomorrow. I really like to know if this product really helps, so I can be worried free.
    • Nikki Welcome to Bootifly Shay! What kind of feedback are you looking for from the Gluteboost products? I'm happy to help answer any questions! If you want to hear some reviews from our real customers, you can check out the testimonial videos that our customers are posting on YouTube. I posted the link below for you :)
    • Shay Robinson My concern is that why are people getting shots and implants when they can use GB? Is this product a new upcoming thing?
    • Shay Robinson I just ordered my first month supply off of amazon, I've tried to call customer service to see if it went through.
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