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  • posted Natural Butt Enhancement Pills and creams to get a bigger, fuller butt – B Maxx
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  • posted [156816,Nikki] I'm having bank issues if I buy a prepaid visa will it work?
  • posted [156816,Nikki] I did my amazon review for my free product and amazon approved and posted it , but i cant get into my email i use for amazon so i had to email u guys from my main email that i get all my important mail. I sent my address and screen shot of my review to yall, but how do i know if i won the free GB product?
    • Nikki @Rose All emails are replied to in order of receipt :) So just give us a little bit of time to reply to everyone and you should know shortly!
  • posted Hello ladies!!! With the holidays fast approaching, make sure that you are already subscribed to our Gluteboost Newsletter so you will receive promotional emails :) Just send me your email address to and mention that you would like to subscribe to the Gluteboost Newsletter!
  • posted Just in! New Gluteboost update from Tamara :)
  • posted Altogether I've been on GB for 9 months
  • posted Still on GB but off and on. Results are still showing :)
    • Aden I'm taking Booty Maxx natural butt enhancing supplenments!!
  • posted Does the Gb pills really trim fat off the waistline??!
    • Nikki Hey [230228,Dovelove]! Welcome to Bootifly :) Our Gluteboost Pills do not burn fat by any means, however they do contain a TON of really healthy antioxidants. These help flush out all the bad toxins from your body that build up over the years. While this does not burn fat on your stomach, lots of customers tell us that this helps flatten your stomach through reduced bloating and water weight.
    • JitMoney Yes I lost 1/2 each in 2 weeks!! Your muffin top will get smaller and smaller!
  • posted for the booty boost kit ( Gb pills, gb cream, meca) how should these be taken ? i see people take the pills in the morning, but i wasn't to sure if you take one of each pill in the morning along with applying the cream

    • Nikki Hi love :) What we recommend is that you take the Gluteboost Pills and Maca Stack Pills at the same time in the morning with your breakfast. Then you just apply the Gluteboost Cream twice a day. It's best if you can remember to apply the cream every 12 hours, such as at 9am and 9pm every day.
  • posted Is there any discount right now 😢?
    • Nikki Hey [202590,Tyra]! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to catch our promotions and specials :) Our Social Media Team posts coupons from time to time!
  • posted Hi guys, so it's been a while since I been on here. I don't know if it's magic, but I have gained 5 inches with gluteboost. I started at 40 now I'm 45. Actually now at 45.6 inches. Lol. My goal is 48 inches lol yes! My goal is 48 inches, am I greedy??? Lol. It's been 5 months now though. I started April 29th and today is September 29th I will post before and after pictures when I achieve my goal. I did squats. I'll be real honest. I used only gluteboost cream and gluteboost pills. I didn't do Maca stacks. My only fear now is, is this result going to be permanent??? Because right now everybody around me has noticed and it will be super awkward if my butt dissappears😒😒
    • Nikki Welcome back to Bootifly [212018,vee] And thank you for updating us! :) One of the best things about your Gluteboost results is that they are permanent! Since Gluteboost helps you gain and grow your REAL fat cells, your results are just as hard to lose as any other fat on your body.
  • posted Do you guys see a difference with my butt ??