I would like to order the maca stack pills..but i need to know has it been working any different with the GB pills and cream for any of u ladies? Is it a must that i buy those,what do yall think?
  • krisy Ill let u know I ordered both
  • Tameka ummm i ordered the macca stack when they first released it to try it out,,It gives me a big appatiate i stay hungry,,no it doesnt make my stomach fat its still flatt i feel like its working i take that & the glutebooste pills together,,it suppose to speed the process up
  • Rose Oh okay thanks Meka, I did go ahead and order the maca stack too. And Tameka look great i hope it will help with my stomach..that part about my body irritates me the most.
  • LadyDee Just ordered my maca stack...won't get it until next month when my monthly supply come in...but I do take the all natural macas...and those do work...so I'm sure these are just as good
  • Rose oh ok Lady Dee .. I have already been takin a maca supplement i bought from my area pharmacy..I really wanna kno is there a difference in what im takin than the maca stack from GB.
  • LadyDee I think they have the same ingredients. ..but I did some research on maca root and it's a good vitamin to take...I think that is why I saw results so fast...The maca...and my workout plan
  • Rose yea i had originally started on the fish oil and maca..it worked for me..but i had stopped cuz the fishy smell..i continued to take maca tho.
  • LadyDee Yeah. ..could not do the fish smell...especially when you live with a man